Conquer Your Fitness Fears

Are you READY for a Change?

Bored with your workouts but not sure where to start or what to do??

Need help with nutrition???

Need friends to support you in your fitness journey????

Does exercise sometimes feel like a CHORE?

Push through and CONQUER your workout!

New Challenges starting monthly!

DECIDE you’re ready for a CHANGE.

CHOOSE your fitness program. (I will help you!)

COMMIT to 4 weeks of daily exercise, good nutrition, coaching and accountability. *

SUCCEED — LOSE weight, GAIN energy, and FEEL GREAT!


I’m offering TEN individuals who are ready to commit to getting fit, the chance to participate in a Fitness Challenge. In 30 days, I can help you get “over the hump” to the place where you will feel like your day is NOT complete without exercise, and your results will motivate you to keep moving consistently toward your final health and fitness goal. You will also be part of the Beachbody Challenge, which qualifies you for cash and prizes when you work out in the SuperGym (online) and submit your results when you are done with your fitness program! (Email me at to learn more about the Beachbody Challenge!)


 Work through the program of your choice “virtually” with others (at home – no meetings or group workouts) and keep each other accountable on a private Facebook group. The commitment is at least 30 days of a Beachbody® workout program*, Shakeology®, and the Challenge Group accountability page. You commit to the Beachbody workout program of your choice, drink Shakeology once a day, and a Challenge Group spot for accountability and support is yours. We all work together and help each other WIN! This is a proven and simple formula, and those who commit are much more likely to finish and GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST RESULTS!

  • The Challenge Group begins monthly. The initial investment is between FREE and $205 depending on what you have or need to get started.
  • You do everything at home, on your time, and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts.
  • Start with an intense 10 Day focus on NUTRITION that will help you break weight loss plateaus, break bad habits, learn how to “eat clean”, fuel your body with food, and get more from your workouts. You will receive detailed instructions, journal your food and liquids, report daily, and receive feedback. (Purchase of a Challenge Pack or Shakeology HD required for this option.)
  • Group interaction is all done on Facebook, so you can post along with the team each day.
  • Fitness programs are 4-12 weeks. If you choose to do a longer program you will continue to receive support from me and have the option to remain in a group for more accountability from others who also stay committed. Each program comes with a schedule that tells you what to do each day!
  • I will have a special prize for the person who proves to be the best overall “Challenger” after the initial 30 days. Best overall “Challenger” will be determined by following guidelines, reporting/posting as requested, and earning the most points! You will also be eligible to win additional prizes and cash up to $100,000 upon completion of your program. Regardless, getting the results you want will be your ultimate reward.
  • Fitness isn’t always about weightloss. If you don’t really have weight to lose, if your goals are to eat better, tone up, move more, compete, and/or improve yourself, you can still be a part of the challenge and win prizes. Your success will be determined by your dedication and goal accomplishments.

More questions? Ready to fall in love with fitness? Contact Coach Stephanie Osborne:

call: 317-491-5537



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