Get Support!

Challenge Yourself

Turbo-charge your workouts: Fitness! Nutrition! Support! It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!

A Beachbody workout program (TurboJam, TurboFire, P90X, Insanity, Slim in 6, Les Mills Pump or Combat, Chalean Extreme, etc)
100% Commitment
Daily posting in a small 5-person private group

New group starts every month!

You will have access to me via phone, text, and the FB group. I will give you 110% of my attention. In return, I expect 110% of your effort.

If you slack off, I’m calling you!
If you’re ready for that kind of accountability, you want to be in this group, and you meet the requirements, message me now!

No more “I want to” or “I wish” or “someday I’ll be ready”. It’s time to get serious!

Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability = Success!

Learn more.


Eat Clean – On a budget?

Is it possible to eat clean on a budget? Yes, and no. Unfortunately manufacturers of processed foods have gotten the system down to a science. It is so cheap to make and buy these products, that they are often a go to. Don’t do it! Resist! It is not worth ingesting these “slow poisons”. You will save money through the years by fueling your body with whole, natural foods. Does that mean you can’t save money on the good stuff now? Absolutely not.  Click here for tips on how to help keep your cash in your pocket:

  • Buy produce in season – resulting in higher quality and lower cost (check out this seasonal chart)
  • Buy local – while farmer’s markets may be hard to come by in the winter, there are still a few
  • Contact a local farm for meat and eggs – reducing the mystery behind what is going into your food
  • Check a brand’s website for coupons – this could be hit and miss with produce, although you will find coupons for dairy and grains
  • Buy in bulk and can or freeze – it’s not as difficult as you would imagine, and if you go this route use glass jars for canning to eliminate the amount of BPA that could leach into your precious fruits and vegetables
  • Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) like Beyond Oragnics Indy or one local to your area

Stay tuned! We’ll have more eating clean tips to come.


Recipe Corner

French Toast Sticks – Who knew eating clean could be so tasty…or indulgent?

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