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Our first project was a success!  With a child who only likes to draw on windows, walls and in bathtubs, we had to go another route for learning.  I have looked at so many sites and blogs for ideas that I honestly don’t remember which one gave me the original idea for this.  Sorry!

Bug is 3 years and 1 month old and knows most of his ABC’s.  He’s a big fan of Scout’s Phonics Farm.  He can match up letters like a pro, and as we go through this the first couple times I’m asking him what the letters are as he puts the clothes pin on the appropriate spot.  He loves it!  In another week or so I’ll call out a letter for him to find and then have him match it up.  I’m also going to upgrade the game by creating an individual square for each letter, and number, making them a little more interesting to look at, and having them laminated so they last longer.  Such a simple activity to prepare, really.  You can find printables for the alphabet and numbers with a simple google search.


He loves playing with the clothes pins, and taking them apart.  🙂  And he thinks it’s great that he can pick things up with them.  So there may be a “fishing” game in the near future too.