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Over the weekend, I was talking with the husband about the books I used to read as an adolescent.  Not sure how the topic came up, but I’ve been thinking about them ever since.  Actually, that night I went to the bookcase and pulled out the series I had been talking about.  I’m missing the first book, but have re-read #2 and #3.  I was afraid they would be incredibly cheesy, since, you know, I read them when I was 14.  (Yes, I have kept all the books I really liked through my life up to this point.)  Yes, there is a certain cheese factor.  But mostly I’m remembering why I loved them.

The books I fell in love with are the ones that transported me to another place and time.  I could identify with the main character, or one of the supporting characters, and while I was reading imagined myself in the story as that character.  What all of them have in common is this…they were normal, every day girls/women who went about their life thinking they were nothing special…just your every day Jane.  But then something spectacular happens and they are put to the test.  They push through their ordeals and are tested with the help of new friends who offer new ways of thinking.  They don’t give up, no matter how difficult and bleak a situation gets.  They learn so much about themselves and their true potential.  They find a new confidence with a new skill set.  They are forever changed in a way they could not have predicted.

Now, I haven’t had to battle an evil mage, or escape from a tyrant.  But I am tested daily in my own ways, especially raising a toddler while pregnant and doing what I love in helping others with their health and fitness.  It is my choice how to get through those tests.  I can go on like I always have and be in a comfortable rut.  Or I can push through, make new friends, get a new mindset, learn new things, and be my own hero.

I may have to re-read old favorites more often.  🙂