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Or so it seems.  With my first, we called him a parasite when he was in the womb.  Which is true, an organism that feeds off the host.  This one is seriously an alien.  With all of the strides I have taken to be a healthy fit mom; all the food I have cut from my diet not just because it’s “bad” for you but because of how I’ve learned it affects me individually; the miles of running I had built up; the workout routine I was turning into a habit…the alien has made it all disappear.

I haven’t worked out in almost 3 weeks.  I created a Booty Builder Challenge, mainly for myself to keep my hip flexors strong with this pregnancy, but the up and down motion of the squats and lunges is like being on a ship in some rockin waves.  I haven’t been able to do it.  I was going into week 4 of Les Mills Body Combat when I stopped working out.  Now I feel like I need to start over, scaled back for a preggo lady of course.

The food…oh the food.  It’s like learning how to eat all over again.  Small frequent snacks are supposed to keep the nausea at bay.  And it’s worked…mostly.  It’s the aversions that are killing me.  The tapioca flour in most of the gluten free flours is a big one.  It’s just too sweet.  I can’t even do my beloved almond milk or mango salsa. Luckily, I still like veggies, fruit and rice.  But the only things that sound really good are quality cheese and wheat products, the things I no longer eat because they cause my skin to flare up.  Did I mention water is disgusting?  I love water!  But the last week I’ve been almost dehydrated because I just can’t choke it down.  I had to finally turn to gatorade and juice today.  Yuck!  Thus, the term alien.  But I gotta do what I gotta do to not put myself or this baby in danger.  The only good thing, I really don’t want sugar.  When I do have it, I get a bad aftertaste and almost feel sick.

I weighed myself this morning, thinking surely I had gained a few pounds off of my normal eating pattern and not working out.  Nope, I haven’t gained any yet.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I gained the first few weeks, and I’ve lost some again from not wanting to eat.

Even though I wanted this pregnancy, and mostly knew what to expect, it’s taken some time to get used to the changes happening in my body.  My skin has been horrible, my hair just isn’t normal, I can’t sleep, because I can’t sleep I can’t think straight most of the time and am freezing all the time, my butt’s looking a little flabby, and the muffin top seems to be back.  The last two could very possibly be in my head. 🙂  It’s definitely a ride that tests the self confidence, and one I know I’m not alone on.

The good news: I know this phase doesn’t last long.  Just a few more weeks and I’ll be out of the first trimester…and on to taking some control back from the little alien.  My skin is already healing as the hormones level out.  I’m really looking forward to working out again, enjoying food, and having the energy to go do fun things with my toddler.  Poor kid’s been such a trooper.

Here’s to surviving the next few weeks!  See you on the flip side!

I'm going to be a BIG brother!