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Turns out this year was more of a bust when it came to running.  Of the 2012 races I posted that I wanted to run, I may have done two of them.  Life and finances got in the way.  Now that it is getting cold, my desire to go run outside has severely diminished.  I tried being a die hard runner.  I just do. not. like. being. cold.  And yes, that gets in the way of my passion for putting on my Brooks and heading out the door.  😦

The upside is that I also love cross-training.  So my winter will be spent indoors with my dvd player and a plethra of home workouts to choose from.  I’m most excited to start Les Mills Combat in January.  Six different forms of martial arts in one program?  Yes please!  I’m really hoping that finds it’s way into my stocking at Christmas.  *hint, hint*  Will I take advantage of any non-windy above 40 degree days and lace up my shoes?  Absolutely.  And now that my son is old enough to tell me if he’s too cold, I won’t feel bad about about taking him out in the jogger.  I’m just trying to keep it real, and not set myself up for something that probably won’t happen but stay in shape nonethless.

I will keep that 2012 race list up for inspiration for next year.  There are definitely some runs on there that are on my bucket list.