I’d like to say life is rosy and I’ve never felt better.  Well, I’d like to and it’s mostly true.  Over these last two weeks, it’s been a test of what I can and can’t eat.  At times I’ve failed, but mostly I’ve passed.  And I am learning so much along the way.

The first week post-Reset went by without a hitch.  I hadn’t added much back in yet.  Week two I added back eggs, my favorite gluten-free multigrain bread and towards the end of the week, chicken…which I hadn’t really missed.  There was one thing I should probably tell you about.

See, one of my favorite treats, an addiction really, had been Starbucks pumpkin and maple scones.  They were tasty, and I could polish one off in no time.  During the first week of the Ultimate Reset my husband went to Starbucks, with me in the car.  It was evil, and almost torture.  And I had him get me one to stick in the freezer until after the Reset.  Yeah, that’s right.  The next few weeks went by.  I missed certain foods less and less, and actually forgot about the scone in the freezer.

Fast forward to 11 days post-Reset, I was driving my 2.5 year old to meet his Papa so he could spend the week with his grandparents.  It was a 2 hour drive there and then back, so I brought snacks.  As I was packing our food, I found the scone.  Of course it came with us.  And I indulged on the way up north.  I was actually able to stop half way through and save some for later.  Not sure why I wanted to save it (and eventually ate it), perhaps it was a mental connection to what I remembered it tasting like.  But it wasn’t really that good.  In fact, it didn’t do anything for me and I didn’t enjoy it.  I noticed right away that I hadn’t done myself any favors by eating it.  Later that night, and the next day, it came back to haunt me.

Needless to say, I have overcome my addiction to scones.  All baked goods aren’t far behind.  My mom did make some zucchini muffins from scratch that she sent home with me, and those didn’t have a negative effect.  Although I’m a little scared to try much else, especially if it isn’t made from scratch with an organic natural sweetener.

I miss Alkalinize.  You know that green drink from my Day 1 video?  I don’t miss the taste, I miss what it did for my insides and the regularity of it all.  I may have to get some more.

I’m definitely learning that I don’t like to eat out very much anymore.  There is nothing that sounds good, or that I can (want to) eat!  Knowing what I now know about certain foods and ingredients, I’m hesitant to eat it if I didn’t make it.  What does that say about our food industry, that there is hardly anything truly healthy out there?  Almost makes me want to start up my own store or restaurant.  In fact, I’ve had people ask if they can come live with me for a month or so in order to learn how to eat right and make fitness a part of their daily routines.  Ooh, like my own Biggest Loser ranch.  I like that idea.  Hmmm…  Stay tuned.


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