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This mornings message by Rick Grover really hit home.  It can be applied anywhere, in any part of your life.  Family, work, fitness.  The quoted phrases are Rick’s, the rest are my interpretations.

The first thing to know is that “the greatest way to honor your past is to embrace your future”.  We all have a past, some much worse than others.  It us up to us as individuals to determine how we let that past affect us.  You can be the victim and forever be trapped in your nightmare.  Or you can allow your past to strengthen you so that you can help be an inspiration to others going through the same thing now.  YOU can be a hero.  Maybe the opposite is true, you had an amazing past and just couldn’t keep up with it.  You may have fallen and are ashamed at where you are now, but there is always an opportunity to get back up.  You can still use your fall as an opportunity to inspire.  Either way, seek out others who will help you remain strong.  That may mean making an all new set of friends, which can be terrifying.  I promise, those new friends will understand and support you.

How many of us have “unfinished projects”?  Whether it’s a book we are determined to read, housework that keeps getting interrupted, the deck we were supposed to repair, the relationship we keep meaning to work on.  In essence though, aren’t we all an unfinished project ourselves?  We are continually learning and growing and working on ourselves.  What is it that helps us succeed?  How do we finish a project?  Accountability.  From workout groups, to book clubs, to cancer survivor support groups, to the National Day of Hope.  We seek out others like us, who have similar interests or experiences, to help motivate us to keep moving forward.

“Imagine how boring life would be if you only went where you’ve always been.  That’s called Groundhog Day.”  If we stay in the same place we’ve always been, we become stagnant.  We can wish and dream of how things would be if only.  Unless we break out of our comfort zones, our cozy ruts, things will stay the same…and years will pass by.  We will still be wishing and dreaming.  The accountability that you found, yeah, they can push or pull you…whatever it takes to help you break free from your chains.

“Get ready, God is going to do amazing things among us!”  If only we let Him!  Too often we think we know what’s best for us so we take control of the reigns and inevitably start steering ourselves off course.  It may be that we don’t take that step towards change because we are afraid.  Because there is that little voice in our heads that tells us we can’t do it.  Oh, it’s fine for so-and-so but it’ll never work for me.  That voice telling you that can’t or that you aren’t good enough is a big fat liar!!!  Don’t listen to it!  Turn to that new group of friends instead.  Pray together.

“It takes a step of faith.  That’s when you can see God doing amazing things.”  In a Biblical example, take a look at Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.  The waters part didn’t as they approached.  They had taken that first step into the water and completely put their trust and faith in the Lord, and then the waters parted.  It’s been the same in my personal experience.  When I give up control, hand over my own fears (shame, failure, success, criticism), and take that first absolutely frightening step, that is where the unlimited opportunities I never would have found on my own present themselves.

My hope is that this message inspired you as it did me.