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Have I said how much I love the Farmer’s Market?  No?  Well…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Farmer’s Market!!  And here’s why…

The food in the grocery store is scary.  In the words of Food Inc, they sell “the notion” of food.  But at the market, you know it’s fresh, you know it’s real, you know it’s STUPENDOUS!  And you KNOW where it comes from!

This past Saturday we went to the Binford Farmer’s Market.  My favorite local market!

After a stroll through the entire market to see what was available, we went back to our favorite booths and started making friends.  These will be the people we go back to throughout the summer.  And here they are…

Grabow Orchard and Bakery

I had a chance to chat with Glen for a bit about Grabow.  It sounds like a great place Will and I will be visiting often this summer.  They have volunteer opportunities for children and adults to learn about farming, harvesting, and even running a booth at the market.  Learn the entire process hands on from seed to table.  And with your volunteer hours, you earn credits towards produce.  Fantastic!  At the market, they have a great selection of breads, pies, sauces and jellies.  They also have quite the selection of starter herbs.  We picked one each of lime basil and thai basil.  The thai became a favorite last year, and we are excited to try the lime this year.

Grandma Jane’s Pies

Every now and then I still get a sweet tooth, so it didn’t take a whole bunch of convincing from the booth next to Grandma Jane’s to try her homemade scones.  For those of you who don’t like scones because they are dry and hard (by the way they are meant to be that way for dipping and warming), you would like these.  They are so moist and soft!  I had the blueberry, and the blueberries (which came from the farm of the table next door) were huge and delish.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…but aren’t you all about fitness & eating healthy?  Why yes, yes I am.  My main issue is with non-food that sellers try to pass off as food.  Grandma Jane assured me she uses all real ingredients, which includes real butter and real cream.  So, if you stop by for a visit, eat in moderation and plan for a workout that day.  And maybe have some Shakeology.  I did both!  Grandma Jane also told me that if I wanted a kind of pie, scone or cookie she didn’t have available that I could just call or email her with the request and she would have it ready the next time we came by.  What service!  You won’t find that at Walmart, my friends!

Smith’s Winery

Even if you are not a wine lover, you WILL love this wine!  David Smith has been making wine for 27 years and has perfected the art.  He has everything from the standards of merlot and pinot grigio, to a house wine, to an outstanding mango pineapple (YES! Wine!) that will send you straight to the tropics.  He is only at BFM every 2nd Saturday so I’ll keep my eye on the calendar to watch out for him.

Homestead Heritage

Siblings John and Lucinda have a good thing going over at Homestead Heritage.  Located up in Kokomo, they have grass-fed cows, free range chickens and eggs, raw milk, and pork.  They have quite the selection and offer beef in bulk as well as Community Supported Agriculture (reserving your poultry).  At the market they offer soups, stews, pot pies, syrups, cheese and even jambalaya and Shepherd’s Pie. One part of their literature on raising their animals caught my attention – “corn renders all health benefits of grass-fed beef null and void.”  How true for us too!  But that sounds like another blog post.  The next time we go, I’ll try to get a better picture of the table and coolers.

Barret the Coffee Guy

Barret and his wife were among the first friends I had in this fair city.  We lost touch for a couple years, and found them again last fall at BFM!  Barret has the coffee booth, you’ll be able to smell the sweet aroma as you round the corner.  I’m not a fan of coffee myself, but the booth is very popular…both for the coffee and Barret’s friendly, easy-going personality.  Buy the beans in whatever quantity you want, and he’ll grind them up for you on the spot if needed.  He also just started a FB page.  Head on over and “like” him to help a fellow out.  www.facebook.com/barretthecoffeeguy

Hot Tamales!

So that’s not the real name of the vendor, but I forgot to get their contact info.  If you’ve been to BFM, you know who I’m talking about.  The absolute best tamales…EVER!  The homemade sweet corn and salsa puts them over the top.  They are worth a trip to the market all by themselves.