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Just for fun, let’s do a Challenge-A-Day in May!!  Every day in May I will post a new challenge, something small and manageable and just about everyone can do, here and on my Facebook page.  The person who completes the most challenges in the month will win a nifty prize!  Head on over to FB, like the page and join the fun! The challenges will range from a single exercise to food to photos to a full workout.  Don’t miss out!  You can catch up if you miss a couple.  Just go back to that days challenge and report how you did.

Challenge #1 – WHY do you want to exercise and eat healthy?  Tell us!  It goes beyond losing pounds, what does being fit and healthy MEAN to you?

Challenge #2 – Push-ups!

Challenge #3 – Squats & Lunges

Challenge #4 – Try a new vegetable!

Challenge #5 – Get back to nature

Challenge #6 – Stretch

Challenge #7 – Workout!

Challenge #8 – Workout!

Challenge #9 – Workout!

Challenge #10 – Fruit!