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Wow! I certainly didn’t mean to take nearly two months off of blogging!  I miss it!

I have been super busy getting fitness and nutrition challenges started, and building up Fit Club.  All fabulously fun stuff, and oddly time consuming since all of them are virtual.  I now have two Fit Clubs each week, and am running two fitness challenges and one nutrition bootcamp.  Still busy as a stay-at-home-mom and trying to make sure my own workouts and nutrition needs are being met.  Whew!

Why do I do all of this?  I could easily spend the entire day with my son, going to libraries, museums and parks, having play dates with all of our friends.  Being a fitness & nutrition coach helps me stay accountable and on track, number one.  Two, I want to pay it forward.  I can’t keep what I know works to myself.  Honestly, I was never this fit or knowledgeable working as a personal trainer.  Right now, I LOVE my life!

My big passion in the last year has turned to food: what’s in it, what’s missing from it, what companies are doing to it, and what it in turn does for/to our bodies.  So my newest endeavor, the Nutrition Bootcamp.  21 days of clean eating and learning about our food supply.

It all started with my niece, who developed precocious puberty at the young age of 7.  That’s not normal, people!  She wasn’t an early bloomer, it was a tainted food supply giving her hormones she didn’t need.  The biggest culprits…chicken, milk, and water.  Yes, water!  You’d be amazed at what medications people dump into the water supply.  While doing research and learning how to modify their daily diet, my sister discovered that her daughter also had a gluten sensitivity.

To support them, David and I changed our dietary habits and started to dig in to our own research. I’d already been making my own baby food, so it made sense we the parents didn’t eat processed food either.  I feel like I’ve barely scraped the surface.  What we have found is truly disturbing. When we were in the beginning stages, we were paralyzed walking into the grocery store and completely lost wandering up and down the aisles.  What was safe to eat?  For weeks, we left with barely anything in our cart.  Then it became liberating to know that we didn’t need anything in those middle aisles and didn’t need to waste our time there anymore. I originally thought that it would be too time consuming or expensive to eat and cook all fresh food.

Wait.  Go back and read that last sentence again.  Too much work to eat fresh food?  What has this country become?!  Our grandparents and great-grandparents grew their own food.  They didn’t have Walmart or Meijer or Kroger.  They relied on what they planted and harvested.  Talk about time consuming!  Which led to the frozen dinner / convenience food revolution.  “We” wanted more time to focus on work and play than preparing food.  Women fought for equality and won, entering the work force and leaving less time for home cooked meals.  When convenience food was first introduced, I believe it was still fairly “healthy”.  But the big corporations are just like us, they want to produce more, faster, with less for less money.  Enter additives, chemicals, short-cuts…pink slime.  Look at the rising rate of cancer, heart disease, random illness, ADHD, new diseases being discovered every day.  How many people do you know who are on prescription medication for one thing or another?  It’s no coincidence.

And thus the birth of the Nutrition Bootcamp.  I want to be able to spread awareness and educate my friends, family, neighbors, local barista, EVERYONE!  So, 21 days of clean eating and “homework”.  So no one is paralyzed like we were, I am providing a meal plan for the first 5 days.  After that, there will be suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from which bootcampers will create their own meal plans.  The homework is not mean to be burdensome, but to open eyes and encourage people to think before they eat.

My long term plan is to have graduate classes to continue to pass on what I’ve learned to those enrolled in bootcamp.  Like I said, I’ve barely scraped the surface.

God put me on this beautiful planet to be a voice.  This is the start.  It’s gonna get louder in here.


Want to be a part of the Nutrition Bootcamp?  Email me at osbornefitness@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook to find out when the next one starts.  Join me in a new revolution!