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Ah!  When it comes to running gear, I get all geeked out.  So when I signed up for a quarter marathon trail run in the dark (and cold) it gave me an excuse to go on the hunt.  You see, for this run, flashlights are required.  Now I’m all for really cool gear, but I doubt you will ever see me wearing a headlamp unless I become a miner.  So the search began.

It was kismet when I picked up my last issue of Runner’s World.  I have a process.  I skim through the articles first, then glance at ads, and then go back and actually read said articles.  It took a while to get to the second to last page, but when I saw the ad for www.knucklights.com, it was love at first sight.  Okay, maybe not love.  They looked pretty darn cool though…much cooler than a headlamp.

It was weeks before I would actually seek them out.

This past Monday I was prompted to look them up again when I saw in a post that Jessica had taken a tumble during a dark evening run.  Again, kismet.  The knuckle lights are sold no more than 2 miles away from her house at the Blue Mile.  And we were meeting at her place for a run on Tuesday.  Our route was set.  We took the long way up to Blue Mile, thinking it would be more well lit.  Hmmm.  I would still consider it an adventure.  We got there all sweaty and went straight to the water fountain (they really do cater to runners).  We turned around and there were the knuckle lights.  Insert beam of light and singing here.  As we were checking them out one of the guys came over to us and said “do you know you’re wearing matching shirts?”.  What do you really say to that and still be polite?  We hadn’t planned it, we both just really wanted to show off our awesomeness with our Finisher shirts from our first marathon…that we did together.

Back to the knuckle lights.  $40 for a pack of two.  You can imagine what happened.  Yep, we now have matching shirts AND matching knuckle lights…one each.  We ripped those bad boys open in the store.  Good thing too, cause one was missing the back for the battery compartment.  On the way back, we decided to take the shorter, and darker, route to see how they held up.  These suckers are BRIGHT!  We will have no issues seeing in the dark with just one each.  We even freaked out a couple people on the trail.

Angels with knuckle lights
Can you see us!

Overall rating so far… 4 stars!