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Ahhh, I hate the cold!  I admit it, I’m a wimp when it comes to running outside in the winter.  And I refuse to pay a fee to sign up for a gym membership that I will only use for 3 months.  Setting lofty running goals for the year means I need to keep going, though.  I can’t take the next 3 months off.

From Christmas through New Year’s, we were visiting my sister and her family in southern FL.  It turns out that we are inspiring each other.  Shortly after I signed up for the marathon, they started doing a family walk/run around their neighborhood every morning.  So, every morning but two that we were there we all went for a walk/run…leading up to a family 5k on New Year’s Eve.  I am so proud of them for sticking with it and pushing themselves.

My last run before today was on a warm, sunny beach.

Then we came back to Indiana.  And I took the week off.  There were other reasons and responsibilities that kept me from my running shoes, although the main hesitation was the chill.

Even though it has been unseasonably warm here, it’s still cold.  I really don’t know how we trained the first year running…through snow, ice and 20 something degree weather.

So what’s a girl to do?  Ironically, I found fleece lined running tights…in Florida.  Today while we were out, I found a great fleece, wicking jacket at Target in the clearance section.  So it looks like I’m out of excuses.

How to you get yourself psyched to go for a run when the motivation just isn’t there?  Take today for example.  On the way home from church, I was thinking it would be horrible to waste this sunny, mild January weather.  Still thinking about it after lunch, I went to put my running clothes on.  I went in the studio to see what hubby was up to and he said “it looks like you’re going for a run”.  Well, yeah, I guess so.  And I headed out the door.  It was still a mental struggle even after I started.  I wanted to do 3 miles, but that meant 5 laps around our boring neighborhood.  Ugh.  By the middle of the first lap, I had myself talked in 4 laps.  By the second lap I could say I was half-way done.  The third lap came and went.  At the end of the fourth lap I had talked myself into finishing the fifth.  As I was rounding the last corner on the fifth I looked at my Nike+ and it told me I still had .2 miles to go to hit 3 miles.  Ugh.  Again.  I kept going.  And since I was still going, I pushed through another .1 to make it an even 5k run.  And it ended up being 5.5 laps!  Not my strongest, not my worst.  I remember when making around one lap of the neighborhood was a big deal.  And now that I’m done, and warm again, I can say I’m glad I did it.

So here’s the trick for getting out the door when you really don’t want to broken down (and I hope I remember this when decision time comes).

  1. If you’re an early runner/walker, lay your clothes our and have your shoes ready the night before.
  2. Even if you don’t feel like running/walking, put your run/walk clothes on.
  3. Start moving.  Get up off the couch, get out of bed, step away from the computer, and start moving.
  4. Before you know it, you’ll be headed out the door or over to that treadmill.
  5. Set small goals. Most of exercise is mental. If you set a small goal and achieve it, you’re most likely to continue on. It’s like challenging yourself to go further.
  6. Find a buddy. I wouldn’t have started or finished half of my runs if it weren’t for Jessica.  We’ve been pushing each other for almost 5 years now.

What gets you out the door?