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Our first assignment was to go through various exercises that would lead us to write our Top Priority Statement.  I was surprised, although not shocked, to see that my priorities have been way off lately.  Here and now, I publicly apologize to my husband.  I am afraid I have been so absorbed in the pursuit of growing my business that he has been left behind a few too many times.  Today that changes.  Anything that goes against my number-one priority has taken too much of a hold on me and needs to be cut back.

My Top Priority Statement:

“My number-one priority is to grow in my relationship with the Lord while being ever-present in the lives of my family; to share His love through community involvement, volunteering, and educating others on how to live their best lives; to honor my family by spending quality time together, listening, engaging, and sacrificing to help each other feel important, admired, trusted, respected and supported; to raise an empathetic son who knows he is a blessed child of God who can do and be anything; to eliminate time wasters, distractions, activities and pursuits that would take me away from my family and God.”