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2011 has been a great year.  Sure, we’ve had some down spirals in the roller coaster.  Two family deaths, job ups and downs, financial woes, and the annual wish to move.  Each struggle has made us stronger.  We have been able to spend more time with family, we are building experience and credibility in our areas of work, God has constantly provided just enough money when we need it, and the foundation is already in place for the spring garden.  Not to forget my biggest accomplishment for the year…completing my first marathon!

To celebrate the successes and challenges of this past year, this morning my husband, sister, brother-in-law, 7 & 9 year old nieces, and I ran our own Family New Years Eve 5k…and their first “race”.  I cannot express how proud I am of all of them! They already had a foundation built for about a mile walk/run, so they weren’t starting from scratch but it was still a big jump. They put in the effort and trained hard all this week while we’ve been visiting.  Needless to say, there has been much napping this afternoon.  And tonight we head to the beach to kick off the New Year, complete with fireworks.

What does the New Year mean?  What do we want to accomplish in 2012?  Well, I don’t believe in resolutions.  The terms itself has become known as something that doesn’t really mean anything.  How many times have we all made resolutions and gave up on them by February?  No, this year I am making promises.  And I am posting them here for accountability, in no particular order.  I encourage you to check up on me, message me for updates if I don’t post them, and do the same for yourself.

  1. Run 800 – 1000 miles (really want to shoot for the higher, although the lower is more realistic)
  2. Run 3 – 5 per week (you never know with a toddler, and I am not setting myself up for failure or guilt trips)
  3. Complete at least 10 of the races on my wishlist, with 3 PR’s
  4. Grow Fit Club
  5. Grow my Beachbody business by becoming a diamond coach
  6. Get certified to be a Run Coach with Team In Training
  7. Find a small group or life group to plug into
  8. Pay off 2 debts
  9. Finally go to Hawaii
  10. Be in an infomercial

These are some lofty goals, and it will take hard work and determination to make them happen.

What do you promise to accomplish for yourself in 2012?  Please share, I’d really like to know!