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This week has been a big week nutrition wise, and not in a good way.  Articles and news stories have been released about legalized horse slaughter for human consumption and excessive amounts of BPA in canned goods.  This on top of recall after recall over the past year ranging from salmonella in peanut butter, e-coli in spinach and lettuce, and whatever was wrong with cantaloupe.  What’s safe?

I’ve never been more interested in making and growing my own food, for myself and my family.  This is the second year I had a garden over the summer, and I still have A LOT to learn.  I’m not giving up.  I will be refining my strategies and focusing more on what has worked well.  But now that winter is here, I will need to focus on finding and buying locally grown food at the winter markets.  I’ll be posting what I find, including a links page.  And if you have any tips, please share.

The first site up is http://www.weelicious.com, introduced to me by a mom friend.  It started out as a baby food recipe site, and has greatly expanded.  Weelicious.com has a good variety of recipes and tips using easy to find ingredients.  I cannot wait to post some of the goodies posted there.

One other thing I want to do starting in January is to include a nutrition discussion / dinner prep at least once a month at Fit Club.  If anyone wants to be a guest speaker or instructor, hit me up.