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Wow. I’ve been running 4 times since the marathon six weeks ago. If it weren’t for P90X I’d be feeling pretty sluggish. To be honest, I haven’t wanted to run because it’s been getting colder…as it does in November in the midwest. And I’ve been dragging on finding a way to keep Will warm during our runs.

My last run was a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. 5 miles through a golf course. Did you know golf courses are hilly? I ended up taking two short walk breaks, and still finishing at 54:38. Not bad! Especially for not keeping up with it. I have definitely learned that if I’m going to improve my pace, I need keep running AND do my strength training.

Speaking of, I was able to do 4 chin-ups at the park last week. I can’t remember the last time I could do those. By spring, I’ll be doing the monkey bars. Until then I need to get the gumption to go run outside, with the stroller. I am not a fan of being cold. I don’t know how we did it the first year running. I remember running through snow with lots of layers, a hat, ear warmers, and a scarf wrapped around my face. I know I just need to quit my whining and go. And I need to find a way to keep Will warm, since it looks like the only time I’ll have to run while the park is open is before lunch. Wish me luck! And happy running to you!