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No, not the 12 days of Christmas, although that is coming up too. 12 days until race day. I’ve been training since June 4th for this. I am ready. As ready as I’m going to be physically. Mentally I’m already having panic attacks about traveling. I realized this afternoon that my flight out is next Friday. How is it time already? What will the food be like? Will my body accept the climate and elevation change in time? Will I be able to pack my oatmeal and Shakeology in serving size baggies without airport security thinking I’m a terrorist? How is the long flight back going to feel the next day? Why am I not staying in San Francisco a little longer, and why isn’t my husband going to be there with me? So many questions! If I let them, they would take over. So I won’t! Instead I will continue to focus on running and planning for the next phase. 2012 is the year of the adventure race, you know. I have to be strong, agile and coordinated in addition to having the endurance built up from running. In that case, I’ll bring on a little Insanity. 🙂 You’ll have to keep up with me here and on Facebook to check out my progress.