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This past week was horrible when it came to exercise, and fundraising come to think of it. I totally overdid it on Monday with my own workout in addition to my active obligations. P90X chest and back, mowing the lawn, track practice, and finally ending the day with Cardio X at Fit Club. Yikes! Even the recovery drink couldn’t help. I took Tuesday as a rest day, because it hurt to move. Didn’t end up getting much done on the to-do list either. I tried to run Wednesday morning. I actually made it about 3.5 miles despite my arms screaming at me the whole time. You wouldn’t think a chest and back workout would affect the run that much, but believe me it did. I tried to go out again Thursday morning, and made it 1 mile. Friday…let’s just say Friday was a mental workout day. I was so bummed by the end of the day Thursday that I had to use Friday as a “go get ’em” kick in the pants kind of day. Let me tell you why…

I sent my son to spend the week with my parents this week so I could prep for a home party fundraiser at our house. There was no way I could clean and organize the house with him here, and having the party with him here would have been chaos. While I didn’t make the progress I wanted to on the house, I at least got the downstairs done…that’s the important part since no one would really be going upstairs. It got to be Wednesday night and my two maybe’s backed out. What did that mean? I had ZERO people coming to this home party. Am I really that bad of a friend that people don’t want to come out and support me? I know that’s an unfair question because I’ve had a few people buy the product online, and I know the two that backed out had legitimate conflicts and would have been there if they could. Plus there were two very new friends that I just met who donated. Still, it’s a question that went through my mind as I shamefully opened the door to my friend who helped me set the party up. She drove all the way over here, with the products to set up on display, and I had no one for her. She was very gracious and told me not to worry about it, that she just wanted to help me raise money for my cause. We ended up chatting about life for about an hour and a half before she packed up and went home. With my husband teaching a class that night, my son being with his grandparents, and no one at my home party, it was a pretty lonely downer of a night. I was determined to make Friday better. I knew I would be meeting with two of my upline Beachbody coaches, both fabulous and inspiring women, and I would come out of those meetings a better person.

And I did. Friday was great! Business wise. There was still no progress made in fundraising or training. But seeing all of the opportunities I have lined up as a coach brought me out of my funk.

By Saturday morning I was ready to pound the pavement and get my longest run yet under my feet. I woke up at 5:45am without my alarm clock (because I’d forgotten to set it – whoops!). I managed to get dressed, eat breakfast, have everything ready, and get out the door by 6:15am. The sun was just starting to peek up from beneath the horizon when I got to our meeting point. The plan for Saturday: run 45 minutes south, 45 back, 30 north, and finish with 30 back. Whew! I didn’t feel strong, and my shins were aching for the first 3.5 miles. Pushing through, we ended up stopping for a water/gu break around mile 4. That was just what I needed to get back north. I had two other water stops on the way back, and kept thinking to myself that once I get back to base, it’s almost over. Still about a quarter mile from base something nosed it’s way out of the trees on the side of the path. A beautiful red fox crossed right in front of me. I love nature’s distractions. By the time I was about 15 minutes into my trip further north, I was done. I thought for sure I would be walking most of the way back. I stopped for more water and another packet of gu. My coach passed me along the way, and commented that I was gonna blow my previous long run distance out of the water if I kept it up. At the “official” water stop I thought I was gonna turn around early and head back. Something encouraged me to keep going. As I crossed the street, I saw the most gorgeous horse I’ve ever seen galloping and playing in a field, long blond mane and tail flying, milk chocolate coat shining in the sun. Seriously, she was gorgeous. As much as I would have like to just ride the horse back to the parking lot, I kept going. I turned around after a couple more minutes and headed back, thinking I would be doing a run/walk. Nope, somehow I made it back and then some. Maybe it had something to do with actually holding my phone with the Nike+ app open and seeing the pace, distance and time. I was so close, I pushed myself to go further than I’ve ever gone…and get a new best time for a half marathon. I finished 13.22 miles in 2 hours 26 minutes. I felt awesome! And a bit wobbly. 🙂

Next up…a 3 hour run, and my last fundraiser at Monkey Joe’s. Wish me luck!

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