I remember some crazy dream about needing a disguise to blend in with the people who were taking over…and then the alarm went off. It felt way too early. I wonder if it will ever be easy to get up at 5am? Fighting my way to the bathroom in the dark, I pulled on my new compression shorts, a tank and my socks, threw my hair into a ponytail, and went downstairs to see about breakfast. Ugh, too early for breakfast. A half of a Clif bar wins! The humidity hit me like a wall as I walked out the door. There was no daylight in sight as I pulled out of the driveway to make my way north and meet up with the team.

Even though it’s early, I look forward to the Saturday morning runs. Something about being able to greet the day by proving to myself that I am strong and dedicated. By the time I get to wherever we are meeting, I am ready to go. Today was no exception. As soon as we hit the Monon, I got into a groove…and stayed there for the next 3.2 miles until the first water stop. It was hard to get back into the groove as we started up again, but not nearly as hard as it used to be. I even made it over the four “hills” with no problem. Two more water stops later, I was back at the start line…so another 3.2 miles. My time wasn’t up yet and I really wanted to hit 7 miles, so I kept going. I pulled out my gps only to find that it had lost the signal somewhere and had missed the last 2 miles. Grr. It kept the time going, though, and I ended up being out for 1:18:30. Google Earth told me tonight that I went about 7.5 miles, totally beating my 7 mile time from two weeks ago. I don’t think I can really credit the two P90X workouts I did this last week yet. Although in the weeks to come, the strength training will definitely help.

After the run, a few of us headed over to the Carmel Blue Mile for a yoga & stretching clinic. Loved this! Want to do it after every long run! We did some of the basic poses that help runners, and it felt amazing. One of the owner’s led the workshop, and teaches a yoga for runner’s class on Monday’s in Broad Ripple. After this training is over and I can get Monday nights back again, I may have to check it out.

yoga clinic for Team In Training

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