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We are half way there! We’ve been training for 9 weeks now…with 5 of them feeling like we’ve been running in the bottom of a volcano. The last time it was this hot during the summer, was the year I started running. It’s hard now with 4 years of running behind me, I don’t know how I did it back then.

There was a break in the heat last saturday, as well as many personal milestones. First, I was impressed that I made it up, completely ready to go, out of the house, and at the park on time…especially considering it was a 40 minute drive. There was almost a chill in the air as we started out. And there was a definite spring in my step. God’s creation kept me inspired, and distracted, on the first 10k loop. Jessica and I managed to run the entire route, saying hello to the sun and the many deer families along the way. The deer were so tame we could run right by them along side the road and they would barely lift their heads from their breakfast. I’m sure not having run the route before also lent an increase in the endurance level. For the first time, I ran over 6 miles without stopping…in 1 hour 6 minutes. I felt strong. I felt capable. I also knew I’d given the first half of the run most of my effort. So when I started walking around mile 8, I wasn’t surprised…or disappointed. Being incredibly happy with what I’d already accomplished, just finishing the roughly 12 miles (20k) would be stellar. And finish we did. The remaining four miles was a walk/run mix finishing in a total of 2 hours 23 minutes. **Side note: must remember to bring food to the next long run, I was STARVING by the time we were done. Our next really long run is in 1.5 weeks, at 2.5 hours I’m striving for 13 miles.

About 3 weeks after training began, I started drinking Shakeology and tracking my progress in terms of measurements…inches, body fat, heart rate, and a fitness assessment. Last week I took the measurements again, and tonight I retook the assessment. I have lost 4 pounds, at least 6 inches, my heart rate recovery is amazing, and even my blood pressure (which was already pretty low) went down a bit. The part that concerns me, but again doesn’t surprise me, is that my body fat has not budged. Meaning that I am losing fat and muscle in my training. That is not my goal. And while my assessment performance was a smidge improved, it could be a lot better. This all makes sense since my main exercise right now is running and there has been little to no strength training. So, tomorrow, I am starting P90X. With just 2 months to prepare for the marathon, I’ll be able to complete 2/3 of the program and should see significant gains in muscle tone and running speed, in addition to a decrease in body fat. Looking forward to posting my results!

Fundraising! What post would be complete without an update on fundraising? I am now at 51% of my goal. Jessica and I are still waiting for the donation from On The Border to come in. In the meantime, I have set up 2 more fundraisers with a 3rd in the works. I Will be hosting a Thirty One party on Thursday August 27th. And on September 12th, Monkey Joe’s will donate a portion of the evenings admission as well as give a discount to those who go as a part of LLS. I also need to send out some reminder cards and emails, and thank you’s. So much to do! I love being a part of this training and this cause. Sometimes it feels like a part time job!