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Even though fitness has been my passion since high school, I have NEVER been a runner. Give me a weight room and I’m happy. I can even remember the mile fitness tests in junior high…and I remember failing. My little lungs couldn’t keep up with my legs. Hurdles were fun, but that’s where I drew the line. So I just didn’t run, unless chased by a large dog, all the way through college.

Eight years later, enter from stage left a couple co-workers and a few drinks. As a part time personal trainer, I enjoyed talking and doing fitness. And since I had just quit my day job, we were looking for a way to stay connected. We should run, someone suggested. They say it was me, but we all know my thoughts on running. Maybe it was the fellowship, or the new found freedom of no longer doing the 8 – 5, and the drinks may have had a say. Regardless, we decided it was a good idea.

Oh those first few months. They were HOT and steamy in 90+ degree weather. We couldn’t make it a quarter of the way around a half mile track. It was a s-l-o-w start. But, man, were we hard core. We stuck it out through the sweat and the heat and the rain, and months later the snow and ice. Don’t ask me how, it’s all a blur. We even signed up for a half marathon. Boy did we have high hopes!

My finishing for that first half marathon was 3 hours and 59 seconds. What an accomplishment! From never being able to run more than a quarter mile, I ran 13.1 miles. It was still a struggle, but I didn’t let anything stop me this time. I didn’t listen to the little voices that gave me every reason to stop…like the huge blister between a couple toes half way through or the incredibly tight hamstrings. Oh, the hamstrings. I think I collapsed when I crossed the finish line getting no response from my legs when I told them to keep moving.

Without my support, my friends, I don’t think I would have ever started running in spite of knowing all the benefits. So I have to take this opportunity to send a big THANKS to Jessica and Heather.  And of course, THANKS to David and William who are my motivators and inspiration.

Now, having considered myself a runner in training for the past 5 years (two of those years can’t really count as I took time off of training while pregnant and then during the first year of my son’s life) I am taking the plunge. Next up: MARATHON!

It was originally the lure of the Nike Women’s Marathon, with it’s chocolate stations and Tiffany’s necklace, that drew me. Okay, and the challenge of running in San Francisco. But, there is so much interest in Nike, and the field is so “small” that they have a lottery every year to see who will get to run it. We’ve tried in the past and lost. This year, I saw that if you run and train with Team In Training you are automatically in. All you have to do is raise money and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Done! Combining a fabulous race with an even better cause made the decision a no brainer.  Jessica and I signed up.

Now the Trainer really is the Trainee. Training started a week and a half ago and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I am a part of this fantastic group. The support is amazing. The cause and the Hero’s are unforgettable. I will forever be changed.

Please take this opportunity to follow me on my journey to the marathon. If along the way you feel so inclined, help me and those stricken with blood cancers by making a donation on my fundraising website. It should be an exciting journey, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Thanks for reading!